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Shariq Mobin, PhD


Dr. Shariq Mobin is an auditory neuroscientist passionate about helping people hear better using machine learning. He spent his PhD studying deep learning models of sound and the science of hearing loss with industry leaders at UC Berkeley and Google Brain. Prior to his PhD he lead the query optimization team at Clustrix, helping dozens of startups scale their database systems for growing.

Research, Google
AI algorithms for audio

PhD, UC Berkeley
Auditory Neuroscience & AI algorithms for audio

Reza Kassayan, MD

Acting CTO

Dr. Reza Kassayan is a hardware electronics expert specializing in low power medical device design, RF systems, and much more. He was previously the hardware architect of EarLens where he designed a low power architecture for a first-of-its-kind Photon hearing aid. He was also CTO of Sonitus Medical where he managed a team of engineers to manufacture a molar based hearing aid that was FDA approved. 

CTO, Sonitus Medical
Managed hardware team for molar hearing aid, FDA approved

Consultant, EarLens
Designed a low power architecture for a unique “Photon Hearing Aid” system

Consultant, BatAndCat
Designed a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid system for research universities

Proven leaders

Meet our team

Tan Lam

Acting Product Advisor
  • Previously VP of Product @ Enso
  • Drove product roadmap for Enso’s first commercial product: hardware, feature testing with users, and market research

Thomas Powers, PhD

Market Consultant
  • Previously VP @ Siemens Hearing Instruments
  • Expert in financials of hearing healthcare, product innovation, and market research

Robert Traynor, Ed.D

Audiology Consultant
  • Coauthor of Strategic Practice Management
  • Cofounder of Hearing Health Matters
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