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The Problem

Traditional hearing aids amplify noise

They rely on one sound direction for noise reduction, but both conversation and noise come from many directions.

Not all “machine learning” is the same

Machine Learning for hearing aids today works by enhancing speech and ignoring non-speech, but this doesn’t work in common situations like a noisy cafe, where you have ambient speech.

Technology for the real world

AudioFocus reimagined the hearing aid — so you can follow conversations wherever you go. Our patented technology uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm that only amplifies voices nearby by analyzing echo statistics, just like our brains do.

Use ML to auto-detect which voices are important in the presence of many.
Design a microphone array that maximizes the sound clarity and noise reduction benefits.
Utilize lower power AI Processors that allow for a discreet and ergonomic design.

Expert Opinions

Clearly the noise reduction is strong and focus is strong which is exactly what people always talk about wanting. I look forward to collaborating with AudioFocus on the impact of their technology.

Professor Nicholas Reed, AuD, PhD

Director of Audiology, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

AudioFocus has a unique approach, it has the potential to be one of the most innovative hearing technologies in recent decades and become a true market disruptor.

Professor Jiong “Joe” Hu, AuD, PhD

Vice Chair of Audiology
University of the Pacific, San Francisco

I had the opportunity to try the AudioFocus prototype, and I believe this is an innovative approach that has the potential to address the most common complaint of individuals with hearing loss, which is understanding speech in noise.

Professor Matthew Fitzgerald, PhD

Chief of Audiology,
Stanford University School of Medicine

The sound separation is absolutely amazing, I can barely hear the other voices. I wish my AirPods did this.

Dan O’Mara

Founder and COO of MechLabs

This is amazing, I feel so at peace. I would say that I’m way more likely to engage in a conversation with this tech.

Zubana Ali

Hearing Loss Patient & Medical Specialist

This is really good. Yes, I would definitely use it. I'd be interested in learning more. Thanks for sharing this.

Craig Saltiel

Hearing Loss Patient

Our approach

Every aspect of the AudioFocus will serve unmet needs around hearing loss.

Care First

Clinically, a person might have ‘normal’ hearing but they can’t hear in background noise. That person deserves care too.


Accessibility tech should offer easily available controls that allow users to tune their experiences, whether it be volume, scale of noise reduction, or something else.


Our data augmentation technology allows us to help people hear in a variety of situations without data farming from them.

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